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Do you sit at home wishing that you could;

  • Lose 10, 20, or even 30 pounds or more, fast
  • Fit into my jeans again which have gradually gotten tighter and tighter over the years
  • Shrink, tighten and tone my body
  • Get those ‘looks’ again from my spouse
  • Turn back the clock’ so I’d look and feel years younger
  • Or increase my lean muscle mass and get back in shape after all these years

So many of our clients have achieved ALL of these things and more with our results or MONEY BACK guarantee. We see people all the time failing at achieving their ideal body and we do not want that for you. And with our limited offer of a FREE BODY TRANSFORMATION SUCCESS SESSION results are pretty much guaranteed to succeed.

So here at The Warehouse Gym how do we categorically prove to you that what we do is so good? The answer is very simple: we focus purely on one thing, something that has always remained top of our priority list … RESULTS!


Anisha Pancholi

Every week I can see my body changing...

At size 28, dieting and me did not go together. I had tried so many times but would quickly fall off the bandwagon.

However, 22 months, 7 dress sizes and 111lbs later it turns out it wasn't that I couldn't do it, more because I had no understanding on how to do it.

Lynton's knowledge in nutrition is unbeatable so having his guidance has been life changing for me. Every week I can see my body changing and it doesn't even feel like I'm dieting!

The flavours in my diets are amazing and I enjoy what I cook so it doesn't feel like torture. If I get sick of a certain food Lynton is happy to change it to something else that suits my choice. He is always there to support me on my bad days and will get me back on track when needed.

This consistency is what I needed. It means I can reach my goal without feeling trapped like you can with some diets. He knows what he's talking about and the fact that I'm still losing weight nearly 2 years later just shows why he is the best at what he does.

Neelam Agrevat

I have truly learnt carbs will not make you fat...

The new trend is to be FIT and HEALTHY, and that is what Lynton helps you achieve. It's a life style change. I have done crash diets in the past but never seen the results I wanted till I went with Lynton for nutrition support.

I am full after every meal and most importantly I enjoy all of meals. I now see a leaner and fitter me, as i get closer to my goals. Lynton is excellent with the support as he is patient and always giving the advice i need. He has made me confident to believe I can have carbs late at night without adding body fat which is often the opposite to what you hear. i have truly learnt carbs will not make you fat, fats will not make you fat, but incorrect nutrition will.

Lynton has all the knowledge I need to achieve my goals and it's worth every penny. My basic theory is " if I can spend £££ going out drinking / eating out then I can replace this by opting to pay for a nutrition plan which will create a better me".

Thank you Lynton for helping me achieve my goals.