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When a client comes in for their Body Transformation Success Session we discuss at length their goals and the reasons why they are here. It is all too often i hear "I have really low self confidence", " i so wish i could turn back the clock a few years and look how i used to" or "I have really low self esteem and i am dreading the thought of having to train in the gym".... And then in just a matter of weeks i see a whole new person standing right in front of me training in a gym filled with members, pushing past their limits with a wave of determination they didn’t even realise they had. And all with a huge smile on their face.

This is the sole reason why i thoroughly enjoy helping people transform their bodies to condition they never thought was possible and keeping it there. More often than not i don't need to ask my clients how they are feeling, i simply look at their face and that tells me all i need to know.

My Life In Bullet Points

  • 2002 - Joined the British Army 6 months after leaving school and served 8 years in Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers.
  • 2005 - Started to train pro and semi pro athletes such was my fascination with improving the human body , understanding anatomy , physiology and human biomechanics .
  • 2006, 2007, 2008 - Completed 3 tours of Afghanistan.
  • 2010 - Left the British Army to open my own training facility – The Warehouse Gym, Leicester.
  • 2011 -1 year after opening my gym won the best newcomer gym of the year out of the entire UK.
  • 2013, 2014 - Continued to be nominated and win awards at the national fitness awards including Gym Of The Year Midlands And Wales.
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Laura Biddles

Losing weight has always been a big battle for me...

For years and years I have always struggled with my bodyshape and losing weight has always been a big battle for me. I have tried Weight Watchers, Slimming World, Lipotrim, Atkins Diet & the list goes on. All managing to lose a few lbs and gain it back plus a little more after.

After speaking with Lynton a few times to discuss nutrition support it was clear that he knew exactly what he was talking about. His reassurance towards my insecurities regarding my weight and self-confidence issues led me to put my trust into Lynton.

Lynton created a diet plan consisting of everything that I loved to eat. It sounds impossible to lose weight eating all the things you love doesn’t it? Well I was WRONG! I continued with his support for 4 months and dropped a massive 35 Lbs and i felt amazing.

Throughout my diet I would get regular text messages from Lynton to check how I was coping ok, if I had any questions, or if I needed amendments for my diet. Having someone to keep me on track was something I found really motivating and without him I don’t believe I would have got the results I did.

Lynton is very motivating and enthusiastic for people to reach their goals; this helped me in times when I felt like giving up. I did suffer badly with my self-confidence and Lynton picked up on my insecurities and did everything in his power to encourage me.

I cannot thank him enough for all his hard work and perseverance. I am now a strong minded, confident person that believes anything is possible when you put your mind to it.